Special Edition – Happy Place

Today I would like to give you an insight to my second business – Systemic Business Coaching

In coaching there is a method to imagine a safe and pleasant place. The positive impressions and feelings of this place are then anchored, so that you can bring them back on demand when you need them. This method is called Happy Brain or Happy Place.

This place can be an imaginary place, but of course also a real one. There are no limits to the imagination as long as it is positive.

Today I like to share my Happy Place with you. The vineyards around Krems always give me positive energy. I usually enjoy this while taking a walk, but often the imagination of it is enough to make me more positive.

I have captured my happy place in a drawing. It is  also available for you as a print in a limited special edition.

If you are interested in the print or if you want support for finding your own happy place please contact me!

„Happy Place“ – Weingartenhütte, 29,5×29,5 cm, 1. Auflage limitiert auf 25 Stk.